DC Fans Furious After Superman Reboot News Drops On Henry Cavill’s Birthday


Today was Henry Cavill’s birthday, and DC fans were sharing the love for the 38-year-old star on social media. Unfortunately, though, just as everyone was celebrating the Man of Steel actor and his portrayal of Clark Kent, some major news dropped about Warner Bros.’ plans for a Superman reboot. J.J. Abrams is producing a new movie set to star a black Kal-El, with The Hollywood Reporter sharing a lot of fresh info this Wednesday on how the project is shaping up.

The concept of the Superman reboot is a very controversial one as it is, but DC fans got particularly angry over the news today thanks to it coming out on Cavill’s birthday. Though it’s unclear to what extent WB was involved with THR’s article, the studio is bearing the brunt of the fandom’s ire online, as folks are criticizing them for throwing the actor under the bus as part of their plans to bury the SnyderVerse going forward, as you can see below.


Wait, Kingpin isn’t DC.

Strong words.

Some think it’s downright disrespectful.

Wow, they really did that.

Everyone is Daniel Kaluuya right now.

It definitely sends a message.

Well, they kept their word…

This Superman reboot is coming from Marvel Comics writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, who’s expected to create an original twist on the Last Son of Krypton – yes, the character’s origins have been confirmed to be kept the same. WB reportedly has a shortlist of known black directors who they’re looking to helm the movie, though it’s not yet ready to go, as the script is expected to be finished by this December.

As the film won’t be part of the mainstream DCEU, the good news is that it doesn’t preclude Cavill from reprising his role. In fact, Dwayne Johnson is said to be fighting to get him back for future Black Adam sequels, as The Rock really wants his antihero to fight Superman. So, with any luck, we haven’t seen the last of Henry Cavill’s Clark, but it still stings that news of the reboot is being rubbed in fans’ faces on his actual birthday.