Henry Cavill May Be Returning To DCEU, Likely In Black Adam

Henry Cavill

The future of Henry Cavill as Superman has been strongly debated in the last few months, especially now that Warner Bros. are developing a new version of the DC character. The prospect of a Man of Steel 2 is similarly looking pretty tenuous, even after the positive reaction to Zack Snyder’s Justice League. However, Geekosity is now reporting that the English performer could be returning to the DCEU, and most likely in the upcoming Black Adam.

“Henry Cavill‘s Superman could now return in The Rock’s first Black Adam film,” says the outlet. “Insiders explain that the return will most likely be a cameo.”

This news comes after Dwayne Johnson was linked to discussions with the actor about making a cameo in the pic. Indeed, Johnson is believed to be a supporter of the SnyderVerse, and doesn’t want it to end. And considering that the star has a lot of clout with WB, and that his business partner Dany Garcia is also Cavill’s manager, the idea of a team-up doesn’t seem out of the question.

Moreover, Johnson has been talked about as a potential producer for Man of Steel 2, which could then lead into Black Adam 2. The latest report from Geekosity builds on this story by claiming that a Black Adam and Superman fight would be a big draw for the first in the Johnson-led franchise, even if it only ends up being a brief appearance from Cavill. Indeed, after the actor was replaced by a body double for Shazam!, it now seems that this part of the DC movie series could be the most logical place for him to make his last contracted turn as Kal-El.

Of course, this is still only a rumor, but the noises coming out of Dwayne Johnson’s camp do signal that he has clear ideas about how Black Adam will set up subsequent efforts. And while Cavill’s relationship with Warner Bros. and DC Films looks to be strained, we wouldn’t bet against them reaching a compromise with one of their most well-known stars, particularly if it means keeping fans onside for the next phase of the DCEU.