DC fans unite to prove Warner Bros’ were wrong about ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’

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Warner Bros.

Ever since it was revealed that Warner Bros regretted releasing Zack Snyder’s Justice League due to it “dividing the fanbase”, DC fans united once more to prove the company wrong. They argued that the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign was the time that fans were more united than ever before and they have the evidence to back up their arguments.

News of Warner Bros insider statement reached the ears of fans across social media, and they’re pissed. Not only did Warner Bros throw them under the bus, but they argued that Warner Bros thought wrongly of their opinion. Fans said on Twitter and Reddit that their campaign for Snyder to release his cut of Justice League was perhaps the most united DC fans ever was and it’s Warner Bros’ fault for dividing the fan base.

While fans admitted that the fanbase was always divided, they believe it was due to the “terrible decisions” Warner Bros has made for the franchise. And it seems to be getting worse now due to recent news of Warner Bros’ decision to slash original content. Fans believe that the company doesn’t fully understand what fans truly want.

Fans have brought out stats of Synder’s Justice League DVD sales and streaming data to help back up their claims. According to ComicBook.com, “The Snyder Cut” made it to the number one spot during its first week. It was also reported in 2021 that the trailer for Snyder’s Justice League was the second most-watch Warner Bros. trailer ever, proving that fans were excited about the film’s release. And let’s not forget, HBO Max reported that Snyder’s Justice League was the biggest film back in June 2021. Obviously, fans wanted this film and supported the film’s production and release.

But let’s be real, the DC fan base was always divided. They had their thoughts and feelings towards the previous DC films, especially Batman vs. Superman. But has the company ever thought to themselves and asked “what have we been doing that’s making our fans annoyed?”. Rather than releasing quality films, the executives decided that it was worth canceling. Also, they continue to produce a film that has been delayed multiple times that stars a now-controversial actor.

So while Warner Bros have the right to view the fandom as they please, they should never throw them under the bus. Especially when they campaigned so hard to release a film that they really wanted to see and ended up being successful in the long run.