Zack Snyder’s Justice League Is Reportedly HBO Max’s Biggest Movie Of 2021 So Far

Justice League

Netflix are generally the only one of the so-called ‘Big Five’ streaming services that actually release viewership data, but even then it’s estimated households in the first four weeks that a movie/TV show is available, and it’s only announced to the masses when the project in question is an unqualified hit, which is why we’ll likely never find out how many subscribers Jupiter’s Legacy managed to reach.

HBO Max and Amazon Prime, meanwhile, have both touted serious success for several of their respective in-house originals, but without providing any data to back it up. The latter claimed that Coming 2 America scored the biggest streaming debut of the pandemic era, though didn’t explain any further, while third-party aggregator Samba TV has attempted to crunch at least some of the numbers for recent HBO Max releases.

In the case of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, it’s proven to be a point of irritation for many fans desperate to know how the four-epic performed compared to Warner Bros.’ string of high profile hybrid efforts. But according to a new report, the DCEU pic is miles out in front when it comes to being named as the platform’s most-watched title of 2021 so far, though there are a couple of caveats to note.

For one, the data comes from FlixPatrol, who estimate their points system based on the charts for every major streamer, allocating ten points for first position, nine points for second and so on. While there’s nothing wrong with that model, the site’s data seemingly has a couple of notable omissions, such as Mortal Kombat.

Of course, FlixPatrol also isn’t affiliated with HBO Max in any way and like Samba TV, all they can do is provide estimates with the material available to them. But based on what they present, it certainly looks as if Justice League has been a huge hit for the platform. Regardless of if it’s truly the service’s biggest movie of 2021 or not.