Deadpool 2 Star Zazie Beetz Addresses Fan Response To Domino


As anyone who’s spent more than a minute on a fan forum could tell you, comic book readers can be real sticklers for accuracy when it comes to translating their favorite characters to the big screen. But while the recent Deadpool 2 takes a few liberties in interpreting the mutant Domino, actress Zazie Beetz has reported minimal backlash from Marvel Comics purists.

Speaking at ACE Comic Con, the star of the upcoming Joker movie said that she understands the protectiveness felt by some fans when it comes to adapting characters, while adding that she actually hasn’t seen a lot online rage directed towards her version of Domino.

“I also understood that. I think about my own kind of associations I have with my own characters that I loved in my childhood, and you definitely…particularly visually have an image that you’re attached to,” Beetz said. “So I understood that part. So I get if you feel, or if people have felt detached from my version. I more balk at if people become rude online or something like that, but I have to say it hasn’t been too much of an issue. I’ve been blessed in that department.”

When asked if she felt embraced by the fan community, Beetz went on to recall the warm response she received once her movie came out.

“I’ll lead with overwhelmingly positive, which has been wonderful,” Beetz said. “I’ve felt really so welcomed into this community and in the beginning, I was nervous because I know I don’t look like the traditional character and I wanted to also respect that people…I didn’t need to be their Domino, but I think particularly after the movie came out people were so excited and so supportive and I’m thinking even this turnout here and people showing up, so it’s really been so positive, so I’m really really grateful about that.”

While Domino’s next big screen outing will technically be the festive PG-13 cut for Deadpool 2– reportedly titled The Deadpool Before Christmas – the character’s next proper film is scheduled to be X-Force, though director Drew Goddard has recently expressed uncertainty on whether the project could be affected by the impending Disney-Fox deal. When asked about the pic at ACE Comic Con, Beetz herself was similarly unsure of what was happening with the planned Deadpool spinoff, but both she and her co-stars seem pretty excited about how their characters could progress from here.

Though it’s been a while since we’ve heard any news of substantial progress on X-Force, the success of Deadpool 2 suggests that neither Fox nor Disney would be likely to drop this property in a hurry. Either way, if a more family-friendly take on Wade Wilson’s latest adventure sounds like it could be your thing, then you can at least look out for The Deadpool Before Christmas when it hits theaters on December 21st, 2019.

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