Zazie Beetz Updates Us On X-Force And The Deadpool Before Christmas


While this year’s Deadpool 2 left a lot of viewers longing for a whole movie of Wade Wilson and his newly formed X-Men rip-off team, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the planned X-Force film, with even director Drew Goddard recently admitting that he has no updates to give.

Actress Zazie Beetz, meanwhile, might not have a lot new to say about the upcoming Deadpool spinoff, but she did offer a quick little summary of how the project’s been progressing when she attended ACE Comic Con.

“There is an X-Force movie coming,” Beetz said. “We have a director attached, Drew Goddard, who’s doing, he did Bad Times at the El Royale. When we were doing some reshoots he was literally shooting El Royale in the studio next door, so I went over because they had some of the same crew, but I think because he was really involved with that they haven’t really done too much movement on the X-Force film. Like a year and a half ago, Ryan gave me a loose pitch of what he wanted, and there may be another Panda involved, but I actually don’t know many details.”

One major impending change that’s got some fans a little worried is the Disney/Fox deal, which will mark a shift in ownership for the X-Men franchise. It’s an issue that’s been raised with director Goddard on more than one occasion, though The Cabin in the Woods helmsman says that such matters are above his pay grade.

But while the future of X-Force remains uncertain, Beetz also touched upon another project which will be coming our way much sooner. The Deadpool Before Christmas is the reported title of a planned PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2, and while this feature’s announcement didn’t receive the warmest of responses from fans, Beetz at least seems sympathetic to the idea.

“I have my brother who’s 11 years old and he’s pissed because a lot of his classmates have seen [Deadpool 2] and he’s like ‘I don’t get to see it?’ And my mom was like ‘no’. She’s right, but I think they are coming out with like a Christmas version or something like that.”

The Deadpool Before Christmas is scheduled for release on December 21st, 2019, and is apparently bringing 15 minutes of additional footage with it. As for when we can expect things to move forward with X-Force, presumably that’s for Fox and Disney to decide, and if Goddard and Beetz don’t know, then it may be a while before we find out.