Deadpool 2’s Julian Dennison Mainly Knew Ryan Reynolds From Green Lantern


Despite being someone who isn’t always keen on material that’s self-aware and/or breaks the fourth wall, I must say that I loved Deadpool 2 – but that’s largely due to the result of landing the right filmmakers, writers and actors for the project. In other words, this is what it looks like when a team finds the right formula.

As you may recall, the raunchy, high-octane sequel contained more than a few surprises, chief among them being Juggernaut’s cinematic redemption and a hilarious mid-credits sequence in which D. Piddy cleans up the timeline as best he can.

In addition to murdering his counterpart from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the Merc with a Mouth actually killed Ryan Reynolds himself just as he was about to step up to the big leagues while unwrapping the screenplay for the Green Lantern movie.

Funny enough, Reynolds wasn’t the only actor to have appeared in Deadpool 2 who doesn’t view Green Lantern in a favorable light, as Firefist himself, Julian Dennison, had this to say about his co-star while recently appearing on Conan:

“I saw his movies. I wouldn’t say I was a fan. You know, there was Green Lantern. It was a really …great movie.”

Of course, the bit about it being a “great movie” was dripping with sarcasm, but Dennison changed his tune once he spent more time with his colleague:

“He’s a super nice guy! He’s gonna probably watch this, so – he’s a super nice guy, really cool to work with, amazing family. Yeah, he’s just super nice.”

Well, it sounds like there was some joking going on there as well, but we imagine the two got along famously when filming Deadpool 2. Regardless, both actors are swimming in money now that the movie has already raked in $500 million at the worldwide box office, so congratulations certainly go to them in that regard.