Deadpool Creator Says Kevin Feige’s Finally Come To His Senses


In a year with so much that’s gone wrong, it’s never a bad thing to hear more about what’s going on with one of Hollywood’s funniest and most likeable talents. Ryan Reynolds has been on a roll lately with humorous jabs and other fun-loving shenanigans, but in the midst of all of that, something’s also brewing in regards to his most beloved role as the chimichanga-eating antihero Deadpool.

Recently, prominent insider Daniel Richtman claimed that President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige wants to sign Reynolds to the biggest deal in MCU history. The idea of the Merc with a Mouth suiting up in Marvel’s already expansive shared cinematic universe would be a dream come true for most fans of the character, but as of right now, we don’t have too many concrete updates on the project’s status.

Indeed, Deadpool 3‘s development has been a long and drawn out affair. Creator Rob Liefeld has often been vocal about his frustration with how slowly Disney has moved forward with the film, too, but the new rumors have prompted him to speak out in favor of Reynolds joining the MCU as the masked vigilante, stating that his character is a “sure thing” in the entertainment world.

It’s worth noting that the Canadian talent remains Hollywood’s second highest-paid actor, trailing only behind his good friend and Red Notice co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. So, with other big name MCU icons – like Robert Downey Jr. – raking in massive amounts of money for their roles in the studio’s films, it’s highly likely that Reynolds would be negotiating for one hell of a paycheck, too.

Either way, it may still be a while before we know when he’ll finally make his first MCU appearance as Deadpool, but it certainly seems like a no-brainer for Marvel to act on such an opportunity to lock him in for the long haul, right?