Deadpool Creator Explains Why Deadpool 3 Is Happening


Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has previously gone on record that Deadpool 3 will be happening, contrary to rumors that the Merc with a Mouth could on his way out after the Disney and Fox shake-up. Speaking at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend though, Liefeld was pretty clear about why the third movie in the series is on its way, even if we haven’t had a firm commitment from Marvel or Disney about when that film will arrive.

Liefeld explained the future of the Deadpool series as so:

“Of course they’re making [Deadpool] 3. 800 million and 800 million make 1.6 billion, that’s more than Doctor Strange did… I know there’s an accountant at Disney that goes, ‘Hey the Deadpool franchise is more popular than these 10 other franchises”.

Okay, so maybe Liefeld is being a bit dramatic here, but he does have a point, with the first two Deadpool movies raking in significant box office and records for R-rated releases. However, one of the key questions surrounding the Disney-Fox merger was how the abrasive character could fit into the current MCU. The recently discussed commitment to a Fantastic Four and new X-Men films from Marvel certainly shows that the Fox properties are on Disney’s minds, but Deadpool’s tone is a more difficult one to adapt to the studio’s style.

Liefeld goes on to be somewhat coy about the exact future of Deadpool 3, commenting:

“C’mon, I will tell you they’re going to make a [Deadpool] 3. What year? I don’t know. … What if I said no? How stupid would I be right now to say, ‘Well Jim, no they’re never making one.’ Which sounds more insane — ‘yes they are’ [or] ‘no they’re not?'”

For now, we’re pretty sure that Deadpool will be making his MCU appearance, at least in some form, within the next few years. We’ve also heard that Typhoid Mary could be the villain in the movie, as well as various theories about how everything will tie together with other Marvel properties. Furthermore, the prospect of a Deadpool show on Disney Plus hasn’t been completely ruled out, either.

We’ll be sure to let you know once there’s a more official announcement on Deadpool 3, but in the meantime, tell us, what do you think about a new movie for the Merc and how he’d fit into the MCU? As ever, let us know in the comments below.