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Deadpool Creator Promises A Third Film Is Happening Soon

When asked whether or not Deadpool 3 will actually happen, the man behind the character, Rob Liefeld promised that, rest assured, it will. And soon.

Deadpool 2

With Disney’s recent acquisition of Fox and its many properties, Deadpool 3 has been sitting delicately in the balance. It feels like everyone’s been holding their breath, as not to push the project in the pitfalls of doom.

But we’re happy to report some good news, Deadpool fans.

Rob Liefeld, the man behind the Merc with a Mouth, is adamant that the film will happen one day. And not just one day, but some day soon.

Taking to Twitter earlier this morning for an impromptu Q&A session with fans, here’s exactly what he had to say when asked for an update:

While no official reports or announcements have been made, it’d be rather foolish for Disney not to continue the Ryan Reynolds-starring franchise. And from what we’ve heard thus far, the House of Mouse has no plans of being foolish. Both Disney Chief Bob Iger and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige have said they’d entertain the idea of more R-rated Deadpool movies. So it seems like the question should really be “how,” not “if.”

Now that’s something nobody’s really thought about yet. Quotes and intel keep playing a game of tennis with speculation, contradicting things we’ve already heard and adding even more layers of confusion. Last November, T.J. Miller confirmed he’d been contracted to do Deadpool 3, but there’ve also been reports that Marvel isn’t sure what they’re going to do yet. And that led the way for rumors that a Disney Plus show may be possible instead of another film.

But with this recent news pulling the discussion in a positive light, we want to know your thoughts. Do you think Disney should put together Deadpool 3? And if so, how? Should Ryan Reynolds join the MCU, or should he do his own thing? Be sure to write it down and drop it in the comments section below.