Deadpool Will Cameo In Multiple MCU Movies And TV Shows


Marvel received a lot of lucrative new properties thanks to the Disney/Fox merger giving them the rights to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. Perhaps the one with the most immediate potential though is Deadpool. Unlike the other characters, they don’t have to recast the Merc with a Mouth. They just need to bring Ryan Reynolds back to stab holes through the fourth wall – and criminals – and fans will be happy.

It’s no surprise, then, that we’re hearing Marvel hopes to make the most of the antihero by scattering Deadpool throughout the MCU. We Got This Covered has been informed by our sources – the same ones who told us John Wesley Shipp was returning for “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” which has since been confirmed – that the studio wants DP to have a major presence in the franchise. As well as giving him another solo movie, there are plans for him to feature in multiple cameos across the board. This means that Reynolds is just as likely to show up in the Disney Plus series as the films.

Beyond that, fans can also look forward to seeing Reynolds finally meeting the X-Men as well as joining the New Avengers come Avengers 5And, according to what we’ve heard, Marvel has no plans to cut down on DP’s meta humor and R-rated antics.

There’s been no official news on when Deadpool 3 could arrive as yet, though Reynolds has teased that it’s definitely happening. Deadpool 2 director David Leitch hopes to return as well, possibly with Josh Brolin as Cable (despite already playing Thanos). If the threequel is still a ways off, however, at least the Merc will drop by for a few cameos first. In fact, Cosmic Book News has even claimed that Wade Wilson might make his MCU debut as early as the post-credits sequence of Black Widow

Tell us, though, how do you want Deadpool to be introduced in the MCU? Leave your thoughts in the comments section down below.