Deadpool Will Finally Meet The X-Men In The MCU


Part of the fun of the Deadpool movies for Marvel fans was the tongue-in-cheek approach they took to their place in the X-Men franchise, with jokes poking fun at the complicated timeline changes and the absence of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. However, neither of the two Fox movies for the character had any major crossovers with Professor X’s team. But this could be something that Marvel will finally fix when they tackle the franchise within the MCU.

We Got This Covered has been told that Marvel Studios has plans for Deadpool to work together with the X-Men once both properties are folded into their universe in the coming years. That’s all that we were informed of by our source, but it seems likely that DP will be the only Fox character to feature in this mutant meet-up. After all, previous intel has stated that Ryan Reynolds is the only one who’ll make the jump into the MCU without being rebooted.

Marvel may be planning the first proper DP/X-Men crossover, but of course, the Merc with a Mouth has crossed paths with the group before. He visited the X-Mansion in both movies, with Colossus appearing in each of the films as well. Most notably, the cast of Dark Phoenix also showed up for a surprise silent cameo in Deadpool 2. Which, upon reflection, kind of gave away spoilers for the movie that arrived earlier this month.

WGTC has previously reported that the MCU Deadpool will be a slightly different version from the one seen in the Fox universe. He’s expected to be practically the same character in terms of personality, with all his fourth-wall breaking abilities, but not technically the same one that starred in those earlier films. On top of the X-Men crossover though, he’s also expected to play a major role in the MCU across the board. Suffice it to say, it’s going to be an exciting couple of years for Deadpool fans.