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Ryan Reynolds Will Play A Different Version Of Deadpool In The MCU

While Ryan Reynolds will continue playing Deadpool in the MCU, apparently he'll be playing a different version of the character.


With the Disney/Fox deal now signed and sealed, Marvel Studios is hard at work on figuring out how to bring the X-Men universe characters into the MCU. And though they still haven’t revealed exactly what they’re planning, we imagine the first Fox hero to get his own Disney standalone vehicle will be Deadpool.

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After all, we’ve been told that Merc with a Mouth will be the only one who won’t be recast and given how much momentum and goodwill the Deadpool series has right now, it’s unlikely that Kevin Feige will leave us waiting too long to see Wade Wilson once more. But how, exactly, will he enter the MCU?

That’s the million dollar question, but sources close to We Got This Covered have now shed some light on the matter, explaining that Ryan Reynolds will indeed be playing the Merc with a Mouth when he shows up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but officially, it’ll be considered a different version of Deadpool than the one we saw in the Fox movies.

Given that it’s so early on in the process of bringing DP into the MCU, the details of how this will all work are still unclear, but from what we understand, since Wade can break the fourth wall, he’ll know that he’s a different version and will know about his previous films in the Fox X-Men universe. Beyond that, though, we’re still in the dark as to how exactly things will play out.

That being said, there’s been a lot of speculation on the topic recently. A few outlets have reported that Marvel’s unsure if they even want to move forward in making the third movie in the series, while others say that DP could transition to Disney’s upcoming streaming service. If one thing’s for certain though, it’s that a property as popular as Deadpool won’t stay dormant for long and once we learn more on what the House of Ideas has planned, we’ll be sure to let you know.