Hilarious Deadpool 3 Fan Poster Teases Wolverine Crossover


After it was revealed back in November that Emmy-winning Bob’s Burgers writers the Molyneux sisters had beat out the competition and been tasked with scripting Deadpool 3, there was optimism that some more big news would be arriving imminently.

However, the Merc with a Mouth’s slow crawl towards the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues, and it was the only one of the studio’s 25 projects in active development that wasn’t mentioned at the recent Disney Investor Day. In fact, so far, the entire history of Deadpool 3 consists of Reynolds confirming he’d held talks with Marvel in December 2019, before the scribes were hired eleven months later.

That’s hardly creating much encouragement that we’ll see the threequel anytime soon, especially when the leading man has been moving from one shoot straight onto the other to try and work his way through a packed slate. There’s still been an incredible amount of speculation swirling around Deadpool 3, though, especially for a movie we know absolutely nothing about, and a new fan poster from Erathrim imagines a team-up between some major characters and comes with a unique and very fitting Deadpool spin, as you can see down below.

Yes, that’s Wade Wilson using Clint Barton’s signature bow to fire the severed arm of Wolverine as a projectile, which seems like exactly the sort of thing he would do. Of course, the fan art surrounding Deadpool 3 usually finds a way to work in a reference to Hugh Jackman, and while the actor seems very unlikely to make an onscreen appearance as Logan, if Reynolds retains the R-rating of the first two installments, then you can virtually guarantee that at least a couple of digs will make their way into the script.