Every Deleted And Bonus Scene In The Infinity Saga Box Set Revealed


In addition to the launch of Disney Plus – where the vast majority of the MCU’s filmography (with a few notable exceptions) is available to stream for $6.99/month – Marvel Studios recently unveiled its plan to round up all 23 films of their expansive cinematic universe into one convenient location: The Infinity Saga box set. And fans of the comic book genre will be overjoyed to learn that on top of all these movies, there’s a great deal of bonus content for them to inhale as well.

We’ll get into the nitty gritty here in a bit, but some of the biggest highlights include an alternate ending to Thor: The Dark World, a Captain Marvel-related scene from Age of Ultron and an extended scene from Ant-Man. And, for those fans who were disconcerted by Hulk’s inability to perform in Infinity War, there’s even a sequence of the green beast busting out of his Hulkbuster armor.

Obviously, across nearly two dozen productions, there’re plenty more sequences that found their way on the editing room floor. And now, thanks to TMOTS2099 on Reddit, we know exactly what to expect from the highly anticipated box set.

Be sure to check out the whole list down below:

– The deleted scene from Iron Man with Nick Fury which was released already.
– The scene from Iron Man 2 with the video recording of his dad.
– An alternate ending for Thor 2 in which Thor and Jane break up.
– The scene from Age of Ultron with Captain Marvel.
– An extended scene from Ant Man that shows Hank being a badass in Panama.
– An alternate scene from Civil war in which Zemo steals the red book from an auction by poisoning everyone.
– A scene from Doctor Strange that mentions Mordo.
– The scene from Thor Ragnarok in which Hela comes from an Alley in New York and Odin is homeless.
– A scene from Black Panther in which Okoye interacts more with agent Ross.
– Test footage for the Black Order.

– A scene with Hulk Busting out of the Hulkbuster in Infinity War
– That scene that leaked a long time ago from Infinity War in which Doctor Strange tells Peter to “Save them” meaning the Guardians, everyone thought it was fake but it turned out to be real.
– Smart Hulk interacting with Natasha in Infinity War.
– A scene from Ant Man and the Wasp in which Janet and Pym are looking for the Egghead guy which causes the explosion that creates Ghost.
– A scene in the quantum realm in which Janet saves Hank.
– A scene from Captain Marvel with a comic accurate Supreme Intelligence.
– Some test footage with Smart Hulk.
– Thor at the end of Endgame trying to kiss Valkyrie but she rejects him.

That’s quite the list, and clearly, The Infinity Saga box set will be the perfect one-stop destination for Marvel fans around the world. Unfortunately, because of this appealing fact, the set appears to have been sold out completely at Best Buy, its only known retailer. With that in mind, be sure to keep an eye out in case any more go on sale and if you’ve managed to get your hands on one, let us know by dropping a comment down below.