Deleted Scene From Deadpool Reveals Yet Another Intriguing Tie To The MCU

While many regular moviegoers may not realize this, Fox’s Marvel Universe (revolving around the X-Men and, er, Fantastic Four) is completely separate to Marvel Studios’ Marvel Cinematic Universe. What that means is that Deadpool took place in a completely different world to the one the likes of Captain America and Spider-Man call home.

However, that didn’t stop those responsible for the Merc with the Mouth’s solo outing from including a massive craft which looked an awful lot like a Helicarrier in the final act. Now, another tie between these two worlds has been found in one of the deleted scenes on the Deadpool DVD and Blu-ray.


One of them kicks off Ajax’s story by showing him being released from a prison which eagle eyed fans have identified as being called The Raft. That location obviously played a pivotal role in Captain America: Civil War earlier this year and was the prison that Steve Rogers’ team of Avengers were taken to after being arrested by Iron Man and General Ross.

Deadpool‘s version of The Raft looks more like Alcatraz than what we saw in that movie though, so no, there’s no chance that the two are one and the same.

It’s also highly unlikely that this is any sort of attempt by Marvel Studios and Fox to merge these two worlds for an upcoming crossover. Instead, it seems like the team responsible for Deadpool are just fans of the MCU and enjoyed taking the chance to tease fans with Easter Eggs like these. Given the titular character’s habit of breaking the fourth wall, the movie finding a way to reference a world that the unorthodox hero is unlikely to ever become part of seems pretty fitting when you think about it.

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