One Of Solo: A Star Wars Story’s Brand New Planets Has Been Revealed


Despite its release being just a couple of parsecs away, concrete details of what’s to happen in Solo: A Star Wars Story are still pretty thin on the ground. Today, though, we’ve got one more piece of the puzzle courtesy of an Amazon listing for a tie-in book.

Solo: A Star Wars Story: Train Heist is a children’s book that dramatizes a sequence in the movie that involves Han and Chewie stealing something from a train on some kind of ice world. Previous speculation had been that this could be the ice moon of Hoth, last seen in The Empire Strikes Back, but we now know that we’re looking at the brand new planet of Vandor.

Vandor joins a bevy of planets never before seen in a Star Wars movie, which include Mimban, a swamp world previously mentioned in Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ first season, Han’s homeworld of Corellia, much mentioned and visited in the Extended Universe but never depicted on screen, and Kessel (of ‘Kessel Run’ fame), a spice planet full of smugglers first seen in the premiere of Star Wars Rebels.

For me, the jury’s still out on Solo. That trailer didn’t do a huge amount for me, and I’m deeply suspicious of all the production woes it’s had. After all, the last time a major studio changed director mid-shoot we got Justice LeagueNow, Ron Howard is a way better filmmaker than Joss Whedon, but even so, there’s a slight suspicion that this might end up being the first real stumble since Disney’s acquisition of the franchise.

Skepticism or not, I’ll obviously still be there opening night on May 25th. After all, it’s a Star Wars film! If I sat through Attack of the Clones, I can sit through this!