Disney Plus Just Added 7 New Movies/TV Shows For The Weekend


It’s Friday, and you know what that means. Yes, Disney Plus is unloading its latest haul of new content. This week’s batch isn’t one of the biggest ever, and doesn’t include any fresh movies, either originals or otherwise, but what it does offer up is a bevy of new TV episodes. Including one series premiere, one season finale and the latest installment of D+’s biggest show to date.

Obviously, that last one refers to The Mandalorian, with the third episode of season 2 dropping today. Titled “Chapter 11: The Heiress,” it sees Bryce Dallas Howard return to the director’s chair after helming an outing in season 1. It’s a key chapter in the unfolding story, too, featuring some exciting surprises.

Elsewhere, the Josh Gad-narrated Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom wraps up its first season, with an episode about a baby gorilla called Grace. But where one door closes another one opens, as Inside Pixar also kicks off this Friday and “offers insights into the personal and cinematic stories that provide an inside look into the people, artistry, and culture of Pixar Animation Studios.” Its first five episodes are now available.

Here’s the full breakdown of everything new to stream on Disney Plus this November 13th:

Inside Pixar (Premiere) *Disney+ Original
Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Season Finale Episode 108 – “Baby Gorilla Grace” *Disney+ Original
One Day At Disney – Episode 150 – “Mark Gonzalez: Steam Train Engineer” *Disney+ Original
Petra: City of Riches
The Mandalorian – Episode 203 – “Chapter 11” *Disney+ Original
The Right Stuff – Episode 107 – “Ziggurat” *Disney+ Original
Ultimate Viking Sword

Elsewhere, One Day at Disney reaches its 150th episode, while The Right Stuff drops its penultimate outing as well. And as for National Geographic content, there’s both Petra: City of Riches – a docuseries exploring the ancient city of Petra in the Jordanian desert – and Ultimate Viking Sword – a documentary abut the reconstruction of the deadliest Viking weapon, the Ulfberht.

What are you going to be watching on Disney Plus this coming weekend, though? Join the conversation in the comments section down below.