Disney Plus Added 4 New Movies/TV Shows Today

Paul Bettany in WandaVision
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

Disney Plus just added four new titles today. That’s not the biggest haul ever, of course, but it does contain some must-see content nonetheless. While there aren’t any new movies going up on the Mouse House’s streaming service – like last week’s Mary Poppins Returns, Isle of Dogs and Doctor Doolittle 3 – the fresh TV content still gives subscribers something to tuck into as the weekend begins.

Nature documentary film Wild Uganda, which takes a look at the wildlife in the African nation, is among the new additions on the platform, making its streaming debut just a couple of months after it first aired on the National Geographic channel late last year.

Then there’s another episode of making-of series Beyond the Clouds, which can be found in the Extras section of last October’s original movie Clouds, which was based on the true story of an aspiring musician diagnosed with terminal cancer. Episode 8, “The Finishing Touches,” is the penultimate installment as the finale arrives next week.

Pixar fans, rejoice. Just a few weeks after the debut of Soul on Christmas, now we have Pixar Popcorn to enjoy. This new series of mini-shorts featuring characters from across Pixar’s beloved filmography – including Toy Story, Cars, Coco and more – releases its first batch of episodes today and you can either watch the 10 installments, which range from 2 to 4 minutes in length, separately or there’s an option to play them all at once.

Last but definitely not least, the internet’s latest TV obsession, Marvel’s WandaVision, has launched its third episode. This time around, Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany)’s strange sitcom reality catches up to the 1970s and things go all Brady Bunch as the superhero couple deal with an unusual pregnancy. Pay attention, MCU lovers, as this one’s an important outing.

Tell us, though, what will you be watching on Disney Plus this week? Let us know down below.