Disney Plus Is Adding Another Marvel Movie Next Month

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Disney Plus is the place to be for superheroes. The streaming site boasts a stunning array of cape content, as the vast majority of the MCU is available along with a ridiculous amount of Marvel cartoons and Fox’s X-Universe movies. There are a couple of holdouts, though: the Tom Holland Spider-Man pics are notable by their absence, as is The Incredible Hulk, so fans should be happy that the Marvel catalog will soon get a shiny new entry. Or at least they would be, if that movie wasn’t X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

After three smash hit X-Men films anchored around Hugh Jackman’s Logan, most assumed that a solo Wolvie adventure would be an obvious home run. But Origins was such a colossal misfire that it completely derailed Fox’s plans for a series of ‘Origins’ movies starring individual mutants and led to the soft reboot of First Class.

The film fleshes out Logan’s mysterious backstory, showing his childhood in 19th century Canada and how he fought in history’s biggest wars. This opening montage is the best moment in the pic as believe me, it’s all downhill from there. After that comes a simply awful script (it was put together during the writers’ strike), the bizarre decision to use CGI to make Wolvie’s claws and – worst of all – squandering Ryan Reynolds’ debut as Deadpool by sewing his mouth shut.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Jackman regards Origins as a career low and acknowledges that it failed to deepen Wolverine’s character, saying that it “somehow ended up looking like the fourth X-Men — just with different characters.” This encouraged him to do better with The Wolverine and Logan, both of which are sizeable improvements. But, if you have a subscription to the platform and are morbidly curious about how bad a superhero flick can be, check it out and get back to us.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine will be available to stream on Disney Plus on June 4th.