Disney exec shares stunning ‘Rogue One’ poster

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On a day Star Wars fans have been celebrating Rogue One, a Disney executive is sharing a poster for the film that is dropping jaws on the internet.

Asad Ayaz, Walt Disney Studios’ president of marketing, shared the image on Twitter Thursday morning, which features the now-iconic formation of stormtroopers wading through the shallow waters of a beach, with a number of AT-ATs in the background, in the tropical-like setting.

“Just look at this beautiful #RogueOne poster,” Ayaz captioned the post, while crediting the artist, a user by the name of @MessyPandas on Twitter.

Rogue One had been trending earlier that day on the social media platform, likely due to the hype surrounding a forthcoming spinoff show on Disney Plus called Andor, which will follow the adventures of one of the film’s main characters, Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor, five years prior to the events of the movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 director James Gunn even chimed in to remark, “I don’t know why Rogue One is trending, but I’m glad it is, as it’s the most underrated Star Wars anything.”

Responding to the nod from Gunn, a man with a co-writing credit for the film’s story, Gary Whitta, remarked how relieved he was that all of the unread mentions in his inbox that morning were simply from people complimenting Rogue One, rather than the result of some controversial comment he might have inadvertently tweeted.

What we know so far about Andor is that it will last 12 episodes, focus on the Rebellion’s early days, and is set for release sometime later this year. An actor from the series, Morbius star Adria Arjona, also shared her excitement for the show and its elaborate sets and props. She even wanted to get a tattoo of her character’s name, but avoided doing so in case photos of her would inadvertently spoil such a detail for fans ahead of the series’ release.

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