Disney May Release Mulan Via Streaming As They Need To Make Money


Beyond the Trailer host Grace Rudolph has claimed that she’s done some digging that indicates Disney is considering the live-action remake of Mulan for straight-to-streaming.

The studio removed Mulan from the release schedule a couple of weeks ago due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak alongside other upcoming films like Antlers and The New Mutants. And while there’s no confirmation as of yet on when we may see the pics, releasing some of them straight-to-streaming would certainly make sense in the wake of the pandemic that’s caused life-altering changes for almost everyone and everything.

You can see Randolph’s posts for yourself below:

With no sign of the virus slowing down, it could be many months before theaters reopen to the public, and it could be even longer before the outbreak has quieted down enough to attract moviegoers en masse again. As such, a push to get major releases on streaming platforms amidst the crisis might bode well for film companies like Disney who are now struggling.

Rudolph’s post also mentions that the Mouse House may be considering Marvel’s Black Widow for the same straight-to-streaming treatment following its recent indefinite delay. What platform the studio would use to stream the films isn’t certain, but it goes without saying that having two major releases hit their new Disney+ service could be a major boon to its subscription numbers, which have already been skyrocketing during the current pandemic.

Only time will tell whether Disney will take a leap of faith by skipping Mulan‘s theatrical release in favor of straight-to-streaming, but they’re surely scrambling to figure out how to recoup some of their losses during the outbreak. After all, as if not being able to release films in theaters isn’t hurting the company enough, the shutdown of all of their Disneyland parks and cruise line is costing them upwards of $20 million per day.