Disney Plus Adds Dedicated Spider-Verse Section

A lot of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were taken by surprise when animated series Spider-Man: Freshman Year was announced as part of the franchise’s Disney Plus Day bonanza.

That’s an understandable reaction given the confusion over who gets to do what under the terms of the agreement struck by Sony and Marvel Studios to share usage of the iconic web-slinger. Kevin Feige’s team can create episodic television based on the web-slinger, but only if each installment runs for 45 minutes or less, and we can likely expect Freshman Year to hit 30 tops.

Shortly afterwards, Disney Plus not-so-coincidentally added a dedicated Spider-Verse section to the library, where you can find all of the non-standalone Marvel Cinematic Universe moves that Tom Holland has appeared in, as well as countless animated shows from the back catalogue.

Eventually, Homecoming, Far From Home and No Way Home will make their way into the Spider-Verse collection after Disney and Sony struck a licensing and distribution deal to have Spider-Man related titles land on D+ once they’d finished up their initial runs on Netflix. The Mouse House is simply planning ahead to ensure that one of the most popular superheroes ever created has all of their content located in one easy-to-find place, which is a smart call.