Secret Invasion Show Will Reportedly Tie Directly Into Captain Marvel 2


It may have earned over a billion dollars at the box office and established the title hero as one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most powerful characters, one that’s set to play a huge role in the franchise going forward, but Captain Marvel is also unfortunately the studio’s most heavily-trolled movie.

Some people just can’t seem to get over the fact that Brie Larson will be playing Carol Danvers for the foreseeable future, with countless petitions being launched to replace her in the lead, even though with the exception of Sonic the Hedgehog studios generally don’t pay any attention to these sort of things in the slightest. Captain Marvel 2 is already slated for July 2022, and the driving force of the plot will presumably involve the huge reveal from Spider-Man: Far From Home’s credits that Danvers’ closest ally Nick Fury has actually been residing in outer space and allowed himself to be replaced on Earth by a Skrull.

We previously reported that Marvel were looking into developing a Disney Plus adaptation of the Secret Invasion comic book arc, which would expand the idea of how many major characters in the franchise had potentially been replaced by the shape-shifting aliens, without bogging Captain Marvel 2 down in exposition and explanations.

Now, the latest rumor doing the rounds hints that the show will be used to put the building blocks in place for Carol to eventually assemble her own team to fight off an invasion of Skrulls with bad intentions in her big screen sequel, which is also something we heard would be happening in Captain Marvel 2. However, the one big issue here is timing, or lack thereof.

Disney Plus already have eight shows set in the MCU in various stages of development, half of which aren’t expected to debut until 2022. Captain Marvel 2 hits theaters that summer and Secret Invasion hasn’t even been officially confirmed or denied yet, making it highly unlikely that an entire series with such huge implications for the franchise could be rushed through production in such a short time-frame, especially with the entire industry still in a state of virtual lockdown.