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Disney Plus subscribers in the U.K. gloat over the debut of the ‘Spider-Man’ franchise

'Spider-Man' coming to Disney Plus is a dream come true for U.K. fans.

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Spider-Man is a Marvel character, and the biggest steward of Marvel movies is Disney, so the fact that many Spider-Man movies are now streaming on Disney Plus in the U.K. was a point of pride for fans of the franchise who live in Britain.

You would think that all the Spider-Man movies — but most especially Tom Holland’s Home trilogy, which is comfortably couched in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — would be made available on Disney Plus globally by default. However, that is not the case since Disney’s limited distribution rights for the character means the films are not available on the U.S. version of Disney Plus by default, as We Got This Covered previously reported.

With that being said, many global market versions of Disney Plus — including the U.K., Japan, and Italy — received a deluge of Spider-Man movies on the House Mouse’s streaming platform Friday, another WGTC report revealed earlier this week. Specifically, the U.K. got a sampling from all of the live-action films, including Tobey Maguire’s first two Spider-Man films, Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man duology, and Spider-Man: Homecoming (but not the Oscar-winning animated film about Miles Morales, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse).

While the availability of the movies on the U.K. version of Disney Plus was praised by many, one fan found Sony’s distribution frustrating since it resulted in them purchasing all the films redundantly beforehand.

Another Twitter user seemed pleasantly surprised at the revelation.

Another web-slinger fan decided to settle in this weekend for an epic binge session.

That banner from the Sam Raimi iteration of Spider-Man is a ‘beaut, too.

And fans in Japan, who were treated to an even larger selection of Spider-Man films, were jumping with joy, too.

The unexpected treat was enough to make one fan ask, “when did this happen?”

One apparently U.S.-based fan was obviously disappointed to see Raimi’s films had not yet landed on Disney Plus stateside.

If you’re willing to shell out a few shekels, Spider-Man: No Way Home — the latest film in the franchise — is now available on digital and Blu-ray.

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