Disney Reportedly Has No Plans To Water Down Alien Franchise


When Disney took over Fox, it instantly led to many questions about what the future held for the huge number of valuable properties that now fell under the Mouse House’s purview. After all, the staunchly family-friendly studio doesn’t make R-rated movies or adult-orientated TV shows, but it definitely helped that the company acquired Fox’s film division and stake in Hulu, which will be 100% under Disney’s control by 2024.

We know that the R-rated Deadpool 3 is in the works from Marvel and will be a canonical part of the studio’s shared universe, but there are still several other hugely marketable brands that are now part of the Disney banner including Kingsman, Die Hard, Predator and Alien. The latter is the subject of its first episodic TV series that’s being spearheaded by Ridley Scott and Noah Hawley, but a new report from Small Screen claims that the Xenomorphs could be the stars of a major multimedia franchise covering both feature films and streaming exclusive shows.

The outlet goes on to say that Disney has no plans to water down the action-horror elements that have served Alien so well over the last four decades, either, and they now possess the means to handle it properly. A movie or TV show centered on the iconic extraterrestrials would just feel weird if it was prefaced by the usual Walt Disney Pictures title card, but the rebranded 20th Century Studios and Hulu have thankfully taken that obstacle out of the equation.

Scott admitted last year that his third prequel was still on the table long before the TV series was announced, so there’s every chance he could return to the theatrical side of things once Alien premieres on Hulu, setting the building blocks in place for an expansive shared mythology that retains an R-rating.