Disney Reportedly Willing To Talk With Johnny Depp Again If Court Agrees To Retrial And He Wins

Pirates of the Caribbean Depp

Johnny Depp may have lost his latest battle, but the legal war is far from over. The actor came out on the losing side after the judge ruled against him when reaching a verdict on his libel case over a British tabloid’s headline that called him a wife beater, but there’s still plenty of courtroom drama to come for the 57 year-old.

Not only is he set to embark on yet another bitter dispute opposite ex-wife Amber Heard that’s seen them sue each other for defamation and damages, but he could also look for a retrial on the libel case. Having been dropped from both the Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts franchises as a result, as well as losing an eye-watering $750 million due to financial mismanagement from his former business managers, embarking on a retrial would be another costly endeavor for the fallen star, but one he might be keen to pursue in an effort to clear his name.

It looks like the ship has sailed on the chances of Depp returning to his signature role of Jack Sparrow, but insider Daniel Richtman is claiming that the higher ups at the Mouse House might be willing to reconsider their decision if a retrial goes in his favor. According to the tipster, Depp has spoken to Disney about his Pirates of the Caribbean status and they’ve reportedly intimated that the door isn’t entirely closed just yet.

“Hearing Disney talked to Depp that if the court will agree to do a retrial with the Sun and he wins they’ll re-discuss things,” he says.

With his reputation in tatters, his standing in the industry severely diminished and his finances going down the drain, another expensive court case is obviously a huge risk, but one that Johnny Depp might feel is well worth taking in the long run.