Disney Has Reportedly Talked With Chris Evans About Star Wars Role

Chris Evans

Chris Evans may have only recently bowed out as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Captain America after playing the star-spangled superhero for close to a decade, but that doesn’t mean he’s turned his back on blockbuster franchises entirely. Of course, the actor was very reluctant to accept the role in the first place for fears of being typecast so early in his career, but after agreeing to sign on the dotted line at the third time of asking, his decision has proven to be hugely vindicated.

Throughout his tenure as part of the MCU, Evans alternated between his mega budget comic book projects and smaller character-driven pieces that would test him as an actor like biographical crime drama The Iceman, dystopian thriller Snowpiercer, self-directed romance Before We Go and touching feel-good story Gifted. Since bowing out of the world’s biggest franchise, though, he’s only been seen in Netflix’s true life spy thriller The Red Sea Diving Resort and Rian Johnson’s murder mystery Knives Out.

But according to insider Daniel Richtman, the actor might become quite busy in the near future, as the 39 year-old has already held informal talks with Disney about a potential appearance in a future Star Wars project. He doesn’t say which one it could be, but confirms that the two parties have had discussions.

Of course, Kevin Feige’s mysterious movie set in a galaxy far, far away would be the obvious contender given their previous working relationship and the fact that Evans already made it clear he wants in, and if he were to head up a Star Wars blockbuster, he could make the perfect leading man, one capable of blending the rough-hewn charisma and roguish charm of Han Solo with the earnestness and inherent goodness of Luke Skywalker.