Chris Evans Wants A Role In Kevin Feige’s Star Wars Movie


This week brought the surprising news that Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige is developing a new Star Wars movie for Lucasfilm. It’s also thought that not only will the producer be sprinkling some of his Marvel magic on the saga, but he’ll bring at least one major MCU star with him for the ride as well. Most signs are pointing to Captain Marvel‘s Brie Larson being the one to make the jump. But someone else wants in, too: erstwhile Captain America Chris Evans.

Collider asked their Twitter followers recently which MCU actors they’d like to see in Feige’s Star Wars flick and hilariously, Evans replied to the tweet with a simple “Me.”

Obviously this is just a tweet, so we shouldn’t take it as confirmation of anything, but it doesn’t sound out of the question that Evans could travel to that galaxy far, far away. After all, he’s hung up his shield as Steve Rogers so won’t have any Marvel movies to keep him from signing up for another franchise. What’s more, he’s just worked with The Last Jedi‘s Rian Johnson on Knives Out, which gives him another way in.

He may have some competition, though. Larson also took to social media last night to respond to the Feige news. Along with the message “Did someone say Star Wars?!”, the actress shared a pic of herself in full Jedi costume. But hey, the Star Wars universe is surely big enough for both Caps, right? Why not feature Brie as the Force-wielding hero and Evans as the villain, giving him a chance to shake his good guy image? Mr. Feige, are you reading this?