Disturbing Old Photos Of James Gunn At A Bizarre Party Surface


As the James Gunn saga continues to unfold, more and more is coming to light that, unfortunately, makes it tougher to side with the disgraced director.

It’s a thorny issue, to be sure, but his past tweets and various comments/jokes that’ve surfaced are insensitive, crude and tasteless, despite the fact that they were all made in the name of humor. And while there’s no doubt that he’s an incredibly talented filmmaker, his activities and behavior elsewhere have certainly made some folks uncomfortable.

Take these old photos which surfaced earlier today, for instance. First discovered by Ian Cheong on Twitter, they depict Gunn at what’s apparently a To Catch A Predator-themed party. Which, for those who don’t know, is a party based around “a popular NBC investigative series that ran from 2004-2008. Using hidden cameras, the show would catch alleged sexual predators who had arranged to have sex with children as young as 12.”

That’s pretty bizarre in and of itself, and in the pics below, you can see the director in costume as a Catholic priest along with some young women dressed to look like children, while another shot depicts more of their group and is equally strange.

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing illegal about what’s going on here. It’s just a party and everyone seen in the images above is an adult (we presume). Still, the very fact that the director’s attending an event themed after a show about sexual predators is bizarre in and of itself. Not to mention that these photos are slightly unsettling, too.

Coupled with his aforementioned tweets, it all paints the picture of a man who’s certainly got an odd and perhaps even twisted sense of humor. Does that mean he shouldn’t be allowed near the set of a movie, though? And should he be punished for his behavior in the past when he’s a completely different person now (or so he says)? That’s the question facing Disney and the film industry as a whole at the moment, and as more on the James Gunn saga continues to unfold, we’ll be sure to keep you posted every step of the way.