Divergent Star Shailene Woodley Wants Another Crack At Mary Jane In Spider-Man Reboot


Enough time has lapsed since the arrival of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that we can all pinpoint the sequel’s shortcomings with relative ease. Marc Webb’s film strayed dangerously close to Spider-Man 3 territory, too concerned with setting up bland character arcs and lumping in an unnecessary amount of villains to focus on the one thing that really mattered: story.

In fact, said story was originally meant to feature Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as Peter and Gwen, yes, but also Shailene Woodley as Mary-Jane Watson. Sporting the character’s iconic crimson-red hair, the actress filmed a number of small scenes for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that were later cut out as the sequel’s running time ballooned.

However, now that Sony and Marvel are pushing ahead with a reboot of the web-crawler, the Divergent star has revealed that she would like another crack at the role that never was. When asked by Clevver Movies if she was interested in returning as Spidey’s love interest for this new incarnation, Woodley replied enthusiastically with “Heck yeah.”

Despite her interest, it would appear unlikely that the two studios would offer the actress another crack. Last we reported of the Spider-Man reboot, Sony and Marvel had every intention of casting much younger actors, taking the adventures back to the protagonist’s high school years. Furthermore, the retelling won’t necessarily feature Peter Parker, with all signs indicating that Miles Morales will have his time in the limelight come 2017.

In terms of Woodley, it remains to be seen whether the actress gets offered to be a part of what is likely to be a multi-film role. All we know for certain at this stage is that Spider-Man is expected to swing into theaters in 2017 under the guidance of Cabin in the Woods writer Drew Goddard.