Doctor Sleep Director Has A Pitch For A New Nightmare On Elm Street Movie

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Stephen King’s go-to adaptation director may be branching out into another horror icon’s territory soon enough if he gets his way. Well known for being one of the better directors in the genre these days, Mike Flanagan has apparently been dreaming up ideas for a new Nightmare on Elm Street flick. And now, he’s let everyone know to sleep with one eye open.

We told you earlier this week that Wes Craven’s estate is actively looking for pitches to continue Freddy Kreuger’s murderous exploits in either film, TV or both. Flanagan, taking this news in stride, tweeted today a simple but effective pitch to allow himself to pitch his idea:

Okay, so sure, Doctor Sleep wasn’t the best movie in the world, but Flanagan had a lot to balance there, between two different sources combining into one cohesive – and unneeded – sequel. The good news with a new Nightmare movie is that fans have been waiting for another chance for a Freddy flick since the lackluster reboot nine years ago. Flanagan has the horror credentials, too, with The Haunting of Hill House and Gerald’s Game. So why not?

Sincerely, you could do much worse than to have a guy with a mostly proven track record take a stab at a dead franchise. In fact, I’m surprised more creators haven’t spoken up about this potential opportunity to contribute to the horror canon in a big way. To my knowledge, Flanagan is the first to throw his hat in the ring publicly.  Maybe his bravery will inspire other directors to step up and share their dream journals?

What do you all think, though? Is Mike Flanagan equipped to bring us another Nightmare on Elm Street film, reboot, remake, whatever it’ll wind up being? Or would you rather someone else be handed that tattered gardening glove? I wonder what Scorsese is up to post-Irishman