Doctor Strange Concept Art Spotlights Alternate Dormammu Designs


Doctor Strange is another runaway smash for Marvel Studios, having recently crossed the $600 million mark at the global box office – but although the movie has been embraced by fans and critics alike, there are a few elements that have come in for criticism. Probably the most notable of these is the depiction of the Dread Dormammu, who the Sorcerer Supreme encounters towards the end of the film when the villain is attempting to suck the earth into his Dark Dimension.

In the comics, this demonic baddie has a very distinctive look, and while certain characteristics did carry over to his CG counterpart, some fans were disappointed that the movie didn’t give them a more faithful interpretation. Now, some new concept art has been uncovered and it looks like the filmmakers were kicking around a few designs that would have been a bit more comic-accurate at one point – though there are also a couple that are even more out there.

Of course, we’ll most likely be seeing Dormammu again in the inevitable sequel, and chances are he’ll have taken on a more humanoid form if he’s going to be coming to Earth to seek revenge on the good doctor. Perhaps one of these designs will inform his new look? Time will tell.

Doctor Strange is currently screening in theatres everywhere. Tell us, ave you seen the Scott Derrickson-directed film yet? If so, take to the comments section below and let us know your thoughts on it.