Could Doctor Strange’s Eye of Agamotto Be Harboring An Infinity Stone?


To date, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced viewers to four of the six all-powerful Infinity Stones – Space (Captain America), Reality (Thor: The Dark World), Power (Guardians of the Galaxy) and finally, the Mind Stone, embedded in Loki’s Scepter that would later go on to form the Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Still with us? As things stand, that means Marvel has both the Soul and Time stones under lock and key, but evidence continues to mount that it is Doctor Strange that will unveil the latter come November. Said to be infused within the Sorcerer Supreme’s Eye of Agamotto – a weapon of wisdom that imbues Strange with the ability to see through illusions and even create inter-dimensional portals – a set report from features an interview with prop expert Barry Gibbs, who shed some light on the potential designs for said stone.


Said Gibbs: “I’ve got a board laid out with how many stones we went through,” Gibbs said, referring to the different design possibilities for the stone. “I think there was something like 24 color variations of the stone.” When pressed about the subtle differences in rendering that gem via VFX, or simply constructing a physical prop, Gibbs noted that “when [the Eye] opened, it was supposed to be an natural stone.” A stone that was, say, able to manipulate time itself?

It’s possible. Besides, Benedict Cumberbatch’s magician-in-training will be involved when the chips (stones?) come down in Avengers: Infinity War. There’s even chatter he’ll crop up in Thor: Ragnarok late next year.

Could Scott Derrickson’s origin story herald the introduction of the fifth Infinity Stone? We’ll find out when Marvel summons Doctor Strange into theaters on November 4.

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