Dolph Lundgren 2 Will Supervise Kids Badly In Kindergarten Cop 2; Filming Underway in Vancouver



It’s been a full 25 years since Arnold Schwarzenegger ordered us back to the carpet – toy in hand, of course – though it looks as though the former Governor has passed on the torch as Detective John Kimble, with news arriving that Dolph Lundgren will be taking the reins for Kindergarten Cop 2.

That’s right, from one Expendable to another, Lundgren will play a different undercover cop than his musclebound amigo, with the sequel having him infiltrate a nursery as he narrows his hunt for a group of Albanian baddies. Playing against type much like Schwarzenegger in Ivan Reitman’s heartwarming 1990 original, Lundgren is set to try his hand at playing a teacher. Expect cheesy one-liners and heartwarming humor by the bucket load.

From what we understand, filming is already underway on Kindergarten Cop 2 in Vancouver, with plans to release the long-rumored sequel as a straight-to-DVD affair. American Pie 2 co-writer David H. Streinberg penned the script for the lighthearted comedy follow-up, and though there is little-to-no information available regarding plot, Lundgren’s mission will reportedly have him team up with an Indian sidekick known as Sanjit.

Truth be told, Kindergarten Cop 2 couldn’t have arrived at a better time for Lundgren, given that the action stalwart has been busy with gritty thrillers such as Skin Trade and War Pigs. Besides, although Schwarzenegger all but nailed the fish out of water tone in the original 25 years ago, we’re eager to see Lundgren try his hand at a similar role, even if this is a sequel no one necessarily wanted.

Love it or loathe it, Kindergarten Cop 2 is filming right now in Vancouver ahead of a DVD release either late this year or in early 2016.

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