Hollywood Reacts To Donald Trump Testing Positive For COVID-19

Donald Trump

Well well well, if it isn’t our old friend irony. After a year in which President Donald Trump publicly dismissed COVID-19 as something that was “going to disappear,” saying it “affects virtually nobody” and that it was a “hoax,” he and his wife Melania are now infected. This coming mere days after he mocked his presidential opponent for wearing a mask and after repeatedly holding rallies without proper safety procedures in place. It’d almost be funny… if we weren’t digging graves for 200,000 Americans (and counting!).

The world of Hollywood has, of course, been commenting on the diagnosis and the prevailing mood seems to be less sympathy and more “I told you so” with a sprinkling of “lmao.” Here’s just a selection of the responses:

Donald Trump

But the most unfiltered response came from The Wire actor Dominic West, who was asked on British TV what his reactions to the diagnosis were and said:

So, where do we go next? Right now, the fate of the free world lies in the immune system of an obese 74-year-old man who eats cheeseburgers all day, so who the heck knows? Even if Trump eventually recovers from COVID-19, this has thrown the 2020 Presidential election into total chaos (an upgrade from near-total chaos). The President will now not be able to make public appearances or speak at rallies until he’s given a clean bill of health, though this may be counterbalanced by an increased sympathy vote.

And if his prognosis worsens? Well, we can at least assume that the death of Donald Trump due to COVID-19 would likely go down in history as one of the great examples of schadenfreude. But at the very least, it’ll be interesting to see whether him having to personally deal with the virus he’s consistently belittled will change his stance (somehow I doubt it).

Buckle up folks, the next few weeks are going to be one heck of a ride.