Don’t Expect To See Catwoman In Ben Affleck’s The Batman


Warner Bros. has some very exciting films coming up in their DC Extended Universe. 2017 alone will see two major releases in the form of Wonder Woman and Justice League, both of which have a lot riding on them. After all, the studio stumbled out of the gate with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, and though the former is now becoming something of a cult classic, and the latter recently released an Extended Cut to repair its image, neither film can be classified as a definite win for WB.

Reactions so far to Wonder Woman have been fairly positive (though people still have their hesitations), and as for Justice League, it’s still a bit too early to make a call on that one. Looking ahead though, the next movie coming down the pipeline that’s starting to generate a fair amount of buzz is Ben Affleck’s solo outing as the Caped Crusader, which we now know will indeed be titled The Batman.

With the project set to start shooting this Spring, we’ve been hearing more and more about it lately and so far, it sounds like it could be the DCEU’s best film yet, offering up a “refreshing and surprising” take on the iconic hero. Affleck is currently in full-on research mode and his dedication to both the character and role is clear to see. Having Deathstroke be the primary villain was a smart move on Big Ben’s part and is something that’ll no doubt please fans, while rumors of Robin possibly appearing as well have been growing more persistent in recent weeks, too.

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While the latter remains unconfirmed, we do know of one person who most likely won’t be finding their way into The Batman. According to Fandango editor Erik Davis, that would be Catwoman. Davis says he spoke with Sienna Miller recently and the actress told him she’d love to play the part, but the character isn’t in the script.

Obviously, Miller isn’t involved in Affleck’s upcoming movie in any way, but she did recently star with him in Live by Night, so we’re inclined to believe her. Then again, given that Catwoman is such an important character in the Batman franchise, we’d be surprised if there were no plans to introduce her. Perhaps they won’t do so in The Batman, but maybe in a future sequel?

Regardless of Miller’s comment, it’s still too early to know for sure if Selina Kyle will be in the film or not. Who knows, maybe Affleck will decide to write her in? Our guess is that she’ll definitely be in the DCEU, but just not any time soon. And that’s probably for the best. With The Batman, we imagine that there will be too much going on already to introduce Catwoman. They’re better off saving her for a sequel where she can be properly developed and her relationship with the Caped Crusader better explored.

What do you think, though? Would you welcome a Catwoman appearance in The Batman, or do you agree with us in thinking she should be saved for the future? Sound off in the usual spot and let us know!