‘Don’t Look Up’ and ‘The Witcher’ lead Netflix’s weekly Top 10s

the witcher season 2
Image via Netflix

Netflix subscribers have made it patently clear on any number of occasions that the critical consensus doesn’t matter one iota when it comes to their viewing habits, and it’s a pair of projects that have proven to be polarizing for completely different reasons reaffirming that notion on the platform’s latest weekly Top 10 rankings.

On the feature film side of things, Adam McKay’s divisive disaster comedy Don’t Look Up racked up a massive 111 million hours in the space of just two days, with the latest data covering the week of December 18 to 26. The star-studded movie only debuted on Christmas Eve, so it’s gotten off to a phenomenal start.

Over on the TV charts, things are a lot closer as the second seasons of two heavyweights do battle, but The Witcher‘s 168 million hours ended up comfortably seeing off the 107 million accrued by Emily in Paris. Geralt of Rivia’s return may boast a 94% score on Rotten Tomatoes, but the user rating is currently lagging way behind on a surprising 64%.

Big names and proven properties always play well on Netflix, and the success of Don’t Look Up and The Witcher has given fans plenty to talk about online, as well as a way to whittle away the hours.