Drew Barrymore recalls the time Keanu Reeves took her on a joyride for her 16th birthday

Not that you needed this specific piece of information relayed to you, but Keanu Reeves is cool. Not just a younger-than-his-years, down with the kids’ sort, but a bona fide and effortlessly affable star who wouldn’t blink twice at the apocalypse.

Clearly, not even those he’s rubbed shoulders with over the years during his stint in Tinsel Town are immune to Reeves’ charm, either, as proven in a recent interview. Sitting down for a chat with friend and colleague Drew Barrymore in a recent episode of the latter’s talk show, Barrymore recalls the moment she was whisked away on a joyride on Reeves’ motorcycle.

The nostalgic trip down memory lane can be seen below at around the 2-minute mark.

Just 16 at the time (Reeves would have been approximately 25), Barrymore recalls how, having been at a club in Los Angeles, she felt free as the pair reached “warp speed” on the two-wheeler, adding that she holds the event so close because “the older we get, the harder it is to get to that feeling.”

Reeves’ response? Unsurprisingly, he fails to remember at exactly what club the rendezvous happened or, for that matter, what happened afterward, though the occasion clearly left a lasting impression on his impromptu passenger, nonetheless.