Dwayne Johnson and comic book movies really don’t mix, but the MCU speculation isn’t going away

black adam
via Warner Bros.

The list of A-list Hollywood stars that haven’t appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe grows shorter every time the franchise announces the cast for its latest film or streaming project, with many fans resigning themselves to Dwayne Johnson becoming the next industry heavy hitter to sign on.

Just because a great deal of folks are expecting it to happen, though, doesn’t mean they’re entirely thrilled about it. The prospect of the MCU becoming the new home for everyone cast out of the DCU by James Gunn and Peter Safran doesn’t sit well with all of the superhero saga’s supporters, and that disinterest seems amplified when it comes to The Rock.

The actor and producer doesn’t exactly have the most stellar of track records when it comes to the comic book genre, with Black Adam merely the tip of an iceberg comprised of near-misses, what ifs, and complete disasters, but that hasn’t stopped Redditors from suggesting more obscure roles he could potentially play were he to sign on the dotted line for Kevin Feige’s team.

Of course, very recent history has showcased what can go wrong when Johnson suits up as a hero that’s less than a household name, but the suggestions of Deathlok and X-Men’s Bishop are curious nonetheless. That being said, the overall apathy is neatly summed up by the fact the top-voted comment at the time of writing touts him as the ideal Squirrel Girl, which just goes to show how unenthusiastic a great deal of MCU diehards are at the mere mention of the 50 year-old upping sticks and heading to superpowered pastures new.