Dwayne Johnson And AT&T Reportedly Still See Value In The SnyderVerse

Hobbs & Shaw Dwayne Johnson

The most recent updates surrounding the future of the SnyderVerse have come directly from Zack Snyder himself, with the filmmaker following up the revelation that Warner Bros. don’t want to work with him anymore by reiterating once more that the studio has no interest in continuing on from where HBO Max’s Justice League left off. Does that mean the speculation is over, though? Don’t be ridiculous.

Tipster Mikey Sutton is now playing the Dwayne Johnson card again, by claiming that the Black Adam star still sees value in the SnyderVerse, as do WarnerMedia’s parent company AT&T. There’s been a recurring line of theorizing that The Rock could somehow single-handedly revive the mythology based entirely on his popularity and industry clout, but it’s obviously yet to happen.

“Follow the money, and it leads to the Snyderverse,” says Sutton. “The Rock is well aware of this.”

Of course, there were rumors that he’d been placed under a gag order forbidding him from talking about it, which conveniently suits the narrative. If he wants to make it known that he plans to revive the SnyderVerse, then he’s not allowed to say it publicly, but if he doesn’t, then we won’t be any the wiser as to whether such a gag order exists or not.

Looking at it in the most black-and-white terms possible, there’s a much higher chance of Johnson interacting with characters that were part of the SnyderVerse than a full-blown resurrection of the mythology taking place. Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller are all still around and most of them will have significant parts to play for a while yet, and even if Superman doesn’t get that solo sequel, then there’s surely plenty of mileage in having him pitch up in a Black Adam movie to see two all-powerful titans face off in an epic battle.