Dwayne Johnson Says Black Adam Will Change The DCEU’s Hierarchy Of Power


It seems incredible to think, but the DCEU has been on the go for close to a decade now, with Zack Snyder first being announced as the director of Man of Steel back in October 2010. Since then, it would be fair to say that the franchise has struggled for consistency.

Instead of taking the slow-burning approach that worked so well for Marvel, DC and Warner Bros. threw everything at their own shared universe, with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice packed with enough story and world-building to fill three movies. This was all done to get to Justice League as soon as possible, and we all know how that turned out, because nobody even talks about the theatrical version anymore, with all of the conversation centered solely on the Snyder Cut.

After the Justice League fiasco, the studio took a step back, and now the DCEU is in a much better position for it. Aquaman became the highest-grossing DC movie ever, Shazam! scored virtually-unanimous critical praise, the maligned Suicide Squad is being softly rebooted by James Gunn and Robert Pattinson is set to take over from Ben Affleck in Matt Reeves’ highly-anticipated The Batman.

If that wasn’t enough, the DCEU got a real shot in the arm when it was officially announced after a decade in development that the biggest movie star in the world was set to suit up and star in a comic book film, with Dwayne Johnson playing the title character in Black Adam. The 47 year-old has already revealed that he’s started training for the role, and in another social media post, he dropped an ominous warning that the hierarchy of power for the entire franchise was about to change, which you can see below.

The creative team behind Black Adam have already claimed that they want to reshape the entire comic book genre, which isn’t outside the realms of possibility with Johnson front-and-center. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is arguably the centerpiece of the DCEU at the moment, but with The Rock reportedly set to face off against both Shazam and Superman in the future, the Jumanji and Hobbs & Shaw star has every reason to believe that he can become both the focal point and driving force behind the entire shared universe.

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