Dwayne Johnson Explains The Major Difference Between Black Adam And Superman


We’ve heard on at least a dozen separate occasions that Henry Cavill is poised to make a cameo appearance in Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, and we’re no doubt going to hear it a few times more between now and the DCEU blockbuster’s release next summer. If it does happen then it’ll be kept under wraps to deliver the biggest possible surprise, but it makes a whole lot of sense from a personal, professional and canonical perspective.

Both stars are huge jacked dudes with an army of dedicated supporters, and each has a longstanding business relationship with Seven Bucks co-founder and Cavill manager Dany Garcia. On top of that, the sheer power that Teth-Adam possesses can only truly be rivaled by The Big Blue Boy Scout, and any potential showdown between the two would make Man of Steel‘s third act destruction of Metropolis look like a pillow fight by comparison.

Johnson has teased that it may come to fruition somewhere down the line, and in a new interview he addressed the similarities and major differences between the two comic book favorites.

“Black Adam has all the powers of Superman, but the difference is he is blessed with magic. And also, by a code of ethics in the world of superheroes, they don’t kill the bad guys, but Black Adam does.”

While we’re virtually guaranteed to see Black Adam throw down opposite Zachary Levi’s Shazam! in the future, with the first installment and sequel Fury of the Gods the only movies to date Johnson has produced through Seven Bucks that he didn’t also appear in, the prospect of seeing him stare down Cavill’s Kryptonian is arguably the more mouthwatering option.

Of course, history has shown the DCEU’s trajectory can be unpredictable at the best of times, but make no mistake, the fans would go absolutely nuts were Black Adam and Superman to go toe-to-toe in a smackdown for the ages.