Dwayne Johnson Finally Makes Turtlenecks Cool In New Red Notice Photo

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson and the humble turtleneck sweater have a long and illustrious history dating back to one of his earliest promo shoots during his days as a professional wrestler. Combining it with a fanny pack, chunky gold chain and a handkerchief to lean on was the stuff of genius, and the infamous image will now follow the 48 year-old for the rest of his career.

The crew of Netflix blockbuster Red Notice took it upon themselves to recreate Johnson’s iconic look and play a Halloween prank on the leading man, and the world’s highest-paid actor responded in kind by posting an image of his character bringing the turtleneck back. Despite his bulky frame making him look like a sock stuffed full of pool balls, the Hobbs & Shaw star has now gone even further out of his way to prove that he’s making turtlenecks cool again with another new image from the streaming service’s globetrotting heist thriller, which you can check out below.

Johnson plays an FBI profiler in Red Notice, but based on the snappy duds he’s been wearing in the various behind the scenes images, the smart money is that he’s forced to go undercover in an attempt to lure out and then trap either Ryan Reynolds’ conman or Gal Gadot’s art thief, and possibly even both.

With shooting now in the can on director Rawson Marshall Thurber’s mega budget epic after a lengthy hiatus as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, Red Notice is moving full steam ahead into post-production and should be arriving on the world’s biggest streaming platform at some point next year, where it stands every chance of becoming one of Netflix’s most-watched movies ever.