Dwayne Johnson’s Turtleneck Returns In New Red Notice Photo

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson became the biggest and most popular movie star in the world by consistently playing variations on the same character over and over again. The 48 year-old tends to stick largely to type and is typically found in blockbusters that cost over $100 million to produce that see him as either a rugged adventurer or determined law enforcement officer with a penchant for wearing grey or khaki.

That approach has led to consistent box office success in four Fast and Furious movies along with spinoff Hobbs & Shaw, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, San Andreas, Rampage, Skyscraper and two Jumanji sequels. Johnson has just wrapped Netflix’s mega budget action blockbuster Red Notice and he unsurprisingly stars as an FBI behavioral profiler in the pic, but based on a new image of his character in the film, it looks like he’s changing up his wardrobe for once.

A promotional shot from the early days of his professional wrestling career has gone viral several times over, one that sees The Rock kitted out in a turtleneck and fanny pack ensemble, leaning on a handkerchief for good measure. In fact, the Red Notice crew used the questionable outfit to prank him this Halloween, and it appears that the turtleneck is now making a comeback, as you can see below.

Johnson would have known exactly what he was doing when he decided to kit out his Red Notice character in a turtleneck sweater, and it looks as though Rawson Marshall Thurber’s heist thriller isn’t planning on taking things too seriously if the leading man is happy to poke fun at himself in the costume department. Based on all of the behind the scenes images we’ve seen so far, let’s hope that Red Notice is as enjoyable to watch as it clearly was to make.