Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Loves Henry Cavill’s Superman


For whatever reason, Warner Bros. and DC Films appeared to lose interest in Henry Cavill’s Superman very quickly. The actor was first announced to be playing the iconic comic book character in January 2011, but in the space of ten years, he’s headlined precisely one solo movie, played second fiddle to Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and spent the majority of both versions of Justice League dead before being resurrected in time for the third act.

It’s a strange turn of events for sure, especially after Man of Steel launched the entire DCEU as we know it with a solid reboot that hauled in $668 million at the box office. There are plenty of Superman stories to tell on the big screen, it’s just that the studio has no interest in telling them despite both Matthew Vaughn and Christopher McQuarrie flirting with the idea at various points.

However, a new report now claims that Dwayne Johnson is a very big fan of Cavill’s Kryptonian, and there are already several pieces on the board that don’t require much moving around to see the two cross paths in a future blockbuster. Black Adam is finally in front of cameras, after all, and the title hero is more than a match for Kal-El in terms of his abilities, so a showdown between the two could be epic.

Black Adam is also the archenemy of Shazam!, which ended on a Superman cameo that Cavill obviously wasn’t a part of, but it established the connective tissue nonetheless. Most importantly, though, Johnson’s Seven Bucks outfit are one of the companies involved in Shazam! sequel Fury of the Gods and Black Adam, with co-founder Dany Garcia happening to be Cavill’s manager. The Rock tends to get his own way, too, and if he wants to face off with Superman, you can bet he’s got the pull to make it happen.