Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Making Black Adam The Way He Planned It, Not Listening To WB

Hobbs & Shaw Dwayne Johnson

Another day, another story surrounding the possibility of Dwayne Johnson riding to the rescue and single-handedly rescuing the SnyderVerse from the scrapheap. It’s become a recurring theme of the rumor mill over the last couple of weeks, and that’s only set to intensify now that Black Adam is finally in front of cameras.

As the world’s biggest and highest-paid movie star that’s also a powerful producer who controls a multimedia empire across film and television, not to mention one of the few names capable of selling a project to the masses based on nothing else but his presence, Johnson tends to get an awful lot of creative input when it comes to his big screen efforts. Typically he’s there every step of the way from conception and development to post-production and release, which is doubly true in the case of Black Adam seeing as he first signalled his intentions to play the role fourteen years ago.

According to tipster Mikey Sutton, in fact, the 48 year-old is making the cosmic comic book blockbuster the way he always wanted to, which reportedly includes references to the events of the SnyderVerse, despite Warner Bros. having made clear on a number of occasions that Zack Snyder’s Justice League drew a line under that particular era of the mythology.

“According to insiders, The Rock is ignoring all of Warner Bros.’ plans to end the Snyderverse,” writes Geekosity. “A source said that: The Rock is making Black Adam the way he always envisioned, and nobody will stand in his way.”

Of course, when you’re The Rock you tend to get things your own way, but Black Adam has literally only been shooting since Friday, so it’s hard to say for sure whether or not these purported tales of disagreement between star and studio over what’s canon and what isn’t will cause any sort of friction the longer production carries on without the future of the SnyderVerse being clarified.