Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Wants To Revive Conan The Barbarian

Hobbs & Shaw Dwayne Johnson

Last week, we reported that insider Daniel Richtman had claimed in the broadest and vaguest sense that Dwayne Johnson was interested in reviving an unnamed Arnold Schwarzenegger franchise to star in himself, which generated plenty of debate and discussion in the comments section.

The tipster has now followed up his murky intel by offering that The Rock has set his sights on Conan the Barbarian as the property in question, which if true, would be quite possibly the least exciting option available. After all, the former professional wrestler did the sword and sorcery bit almost two decades ago in The Scorpion King, which itself is being rebooted and updated for modern audiences through the actor’s Seven Bucks Productions.

Conan the Barbarian

Conan is already in the process of being revived as it is, too, with Netflix putting a TV series into active development after the streaming service acquired the live-action and animated rights to Robert E. Howard’s most famous creation in September of last year. The 49 year-old does have a working relationship with the platform having headlined upcoming action blockbuster Red Notice and signed on to star opposite Emily Blunt in comic book adaptation Ball & Chain, but there are plenty of projects on his horizons that sound much more exciting than a retread of a franchise that he’s essentially done before given the similarities between Arnold’s barbarian and Johnson’s Mathayus.

Of course, Richtman has linked the highest-paid talent in Hollywood to upwards of a dozen recognizable properties over the last few months, and with Conan the Barbarian in the midst of an episodic reinvention at Netflix, it’s best to hear from the man himself before getting hyped about Dwayne Johnson venturing into the Hyborian Age.