Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Wants To Share The Screen With Zack Snyder’s DC Trinity

Black Adam

Longtime DC fans understandably lost their minds a few years back when the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer culminated in the comic book company’s Holy Trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman standing side by side to face the threat of Doomsday. As cool as it was to see, however, it felt as though Zack Snyder’s blockbuster had rushed a little too fast to get to that point.

We’d only spent one movie with Henry Cavill’s Kryptonian and Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight had just shown up in the first act of the crossover, while Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince flitted in and out of the story until she appeared to save the day. It was a solid effects-driven action sequence by the standards of the genre, but it could have had a much greater impact if audiences had been given more time to get to know the characters individually before throwing them together in an explosion of fan service.

Since then, the trio haven’t shared a whole lot of screen time, with Superman largely absent from both cuts of Justice League as Batman and Wonder Woman dealt with the narrative heavy lifting. With the future of the SnyderVerse still up in the air, it’s debatable as to whether or not we’ll see them reunited again, but tipster Mikey Sutton now claims that we will if Dwayne Johnson gets his way.

As per Sutton’s latest report on The Rock’s involvement in the SnyderVerse saga, he wants to have the DCEU’s canonical trio of comic book icons and Black Adam appear in the same project, which was said to be one of his motivations for boarding the franchise in the first place. Obviously, Black Adam is his main driving force given that he’s been circling the title role since 2007, but the aforementioned trinity could easily come in a close second.