Dwayne Johnson Teases Big Red Notice News Coming Soon

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For a little while at least, upcoming action blockbuster Red Notice will go down in the history books as the single most expensive Netflix original movie ever made, with a budget reported to be hovering around the $200 million mark, although it’ll lose that crown in short order to Joe and Anthony Russo’s mega budget spy thriller The Gray Man.

Looking at nothing but the cast and the core concept, writer and director Rawson Marshall Thurber’s latest stands a very good chance at toppling Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction as the platform’s most-watched in-house film. A-list superstars Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot headline the globetrotting crime caper as an Interpol agent, con artist and art thief respectively, drawn together on an epic adventure when the titular warrant is issued.

Big names, a bigger budget and a sky high premise are solid foundations for success, and all we need now is a trailer and release date to get the hype train rolling. Fortunately, Johnson recently took to social media and teased that some major Red Notice news is coming soon, as you can read below.

Red Notice is the largest investment Netflix has made thus far in a film, and our relentless hard work is to ensure we make good on that investment for our Netflix partners, and deliver an awesome movie for our global audience. We have a big release date announcement coming up very soon…”

Red Notice was confirmed for a fourth quarter debut a while back, so somewhere around Thanksgiving or possibly Christmas is a safe bet, when that’s the ideal time to generate the largest possible viewing numbers given that so many people are going to be on the verge of a food-induced coma and huddled with their family around the television. In any case, it was positioned as the marquee attraction of Netflix’s 2021 sizzle reel for a reason, so let’s just hope that the finished product ends up as more than the sum of its hugely impressive parts.

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